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The Stone Collection by Scheuneman

The tragic loss of Stone Foltz in 2021 has set in motion a Butterfly Effect, a metaphor suggesting that the flapping of a butterfly's wings in one part of the world could set off a chain of events in another part of the world. The world is vast and complex, and it may sometimes seem that our small decisions and actions have little to no impact on the big picture. The butterfly effect asks us to be thoughtful with our decisions because we never know what the consequences of those decisions are. It can also be incredibly motivating, as it suggests that our actions DO matter in altering the trajectory of the world, no matter how small they might be. 

Stone Foltz (News Story) died from hazing during initiation practices as he was joining a fraternity. He lost his life after he was forced to drink a lethal amount of alcohol at a fraternity ritual. The tragic event made national headlines, and reached Colin and Julian Scheuneman, the designers behind Scheuneman. When they discovered that Stone dreamed of becoming a fashion designer and owning his own clothing line, they knew they could help him fulfill that dream, posthumously. So, they approached Stone’s family with the opportunity to collaborate on a clothing line that would showcase Stone’s personality and style and carry on Stone’s legacy.

Introducing The Stone Collection from the design team of Colin and Julian Scheuneman!

The clothing is inspired by Stone, designed by the Scheunemans and produced in Italy. It features strong symbols and personal messages which celebrate Stone's life and represent positive messages of hope and change. The designers describe the aesthetic as streetwear with meaning.

Everyone who knew Stone says he was thoughtful, compassionate, and considerate of others. His genuine kindness and love of life and family made a memorable and lasting impression on everyone he met. In high school, Stone began to combine his interest in painting with fashion design ideas with his best friend, Jake. Together they dreamed of owning their own fashion business but when Jake lost his life in a car accident, Stone had to forge ahead on his own in honor of his friend. Now, those dreams are being carried out by the Scheuneman brothers. Stone would never have imagined how his plans of applying these artistic techniques to clothing design would eventually unfold. Though he was tragically prevented from realizing his dreams, they are now bringing awareness to the dangers of hazing.

"The more we learned about Stone and his younger brother AJ, the more we realized how similar our experiences have been, both as brothers and as fashion influencers. From sharing favorite colors and music to lifestyles and design aesthetics, this collaboration was natural and very impactful." - Julian Scheuneman

For Stone’s parents, the experience of seeing a clothing collection inspired by their son was humbling. “To watch his ideas brought to life in a line of clothing felt like he was still here helping create them.” - Shari Foltz.  “This line of clothing allows my son’s legacy to live on and it’s a way to celebrate him.  We hope those that wear the clothing feel his love and kindness.” - Cory Foltz

When Stone's family and friends see a blue butterfly, they are reminded to celebrate his life and his ongoing legacy. Everyone who wears this clothing shares the message of the goal to end hazing and carry out Stone’s dreams.

To learn more about Stone and the foundation he continues to inspire: iamstonefoltz FOUNDATION.